How to Take a Screenshot on LG Optimus Android Phone

Taking screenshot is very useful when you want to share your screen with friends who’re not with you. I already discussed about taking screenshot on Android phone. As not all Android phones work same way here I’ve decided to write about taking a screenshot on LG Optimus.

How to take screenshot LG Optimus phones

1. First method

I tried this method on my friends LG handset and it worked.

You need to press both Volume up and down with home button. The screenshot will be saved in Gallery “Quick memo”.

2. Second method

Press volume down and power button. You can see the screenshot is Gallery with Quick memo name.

Else you can just roll over to navigation bar there if you find Quick Memo click on it. A navigational menu drop down, press last button which looks like save button. Here is the video if didn’t get.

Alternative methods

Like we all knew LG and other mobile manufactures have tried different forms to develop best experience for their users, it may happen that above methods may not work for you.

In that case, try this app to take screenshot. It works for all Android mobiles.

Stay tuned for Android tips and best Android apps.