How to Delete Text Messages on Android

When you use Gmail second step verification (which sends text message, every time you login) you see your inbox filled with all verification messages, or any-other service like while banking, promotional texts, messages form old friends etc…

All these messages make your inbox junk, thanks to Android atleast it combined all the similar threads in one single one reducing the time when I want to search messages. Anyway I don’t look at messages all the time do you? When we got many instant message services why will we look at the old traditional way of messaging.

So, here is an Android app which will help you in deleting old messages according to your need.

Android app to delete text messages on your device

Install it through Play store, here.

Then open it, you will find 3 options of which 2 of them are for premium users and 1 is for free version. This is how it looks.

You can set the time period for how much old messages you want to delete.

delete old messages on android  set time to delete old messages

It’s simple, easy and FREE!

Do you know any such app which deletes old text messages? Share here in comments.