How to Automatically Keep your Android Device on Silent Mode

silent time event adding

To take a break from this busy life, I planned to go out to a religious place to find some peace. But, I didn’t. Who was the spoilsport? Gadget! Though I love them and want to have latest devices with me I’d never like those metallic boxes when they interrupt/disturb me. Soon I thought, why [...]

How to Disable Auto Update Android Apps

disable automatic app updates

Not always new features are awesome! Like me few people love to have old versions, for instance I love gtalk for chatting which is replaced by Hangouts. So how to stop them form updating automatically? It’s simple. Open Play Store Go to Settings ——>Tap on Auto Update apps and uncheck it. Below is the screenshot of [...]

How to Turn Of SMS Messages in Hangouts

turn of messaging - 2

Updated Google Hangout has got new feature that your friends can send you a SMS when you’re offline. Awesome feature isn’t it? But when you go on get messages from those who annoy you? BIG problem. No need to worry there is an easy way to disable or turn of these message with on tap. [...]

How to Hide the WhatsApp Last Seen Time on Android?

hide last seen on whatsapp on android

There are times when  you’re in hurry, so you just read and leave not replying it, but your fellow WhatsApp user will know that the time you last used the app. This may sometimes make them feel annoyed about you. The same feature is available on most of the apps, like Facebook. Though this feature [...]

How to Delete Text Messages on Android

delete old messages on android

When you use Gmail second step verification (which sends text message, every time you login) you see your inbox filled with all verification messages, or any-other service like while banking, promotional texts, messages form old friends etc… All these messages make your inbox junk, thanks to Android atleast it combined all the similar threads in [...]

How to Disable Push Notifications on Android Phone

disable push notifications on android

While you’re talking to your loved parents or partners, getting notifications from Android apps like Facebook, Skype or another will annoy you. And yes they’re more frustrating  when you continuously get all notification at once. Luckily Android 4.1 and above version have inbuilt feature through which you can disable push notifications on your device. Here [...]

How to Disable, Enable and Setting Mobile Data Usage

set mobile data usage

If you’re living in a country where internet plans are not satisfactory or give very less data usage for higher rates, then you must enable and disable your mobile data when not in use. Also you need to set the data usage according to your service provider billing. Lucky Android device provides you option to [...]

How to Uninstall Android Apps Quickly

uninstalling android app

We love speed and want to make things quickly, we can’t wait and we’re impatient. We need high speed gadget, high speed mobile data, high speed apps. Like wise we need a quick way to uninstall those Android apps which we don’t like. Is it possible to uninstall Android apps quickly? Yes, it is. Steps [...]

How to Locate Your Misplaced Android Phone

Locate Your Misplaced Android Phone

Days back Google launched a service which will help you locate your Android device if you misplaced it. Android device manager the service which will ring your phone when you forget the place where you placed the  mobile. This is very useful service from Google but there few things here. You’re been tracked by Google [...]

How to sideload Android apps when they are not available on Google Play Store

sideload android apps 1

Sideloading is an act of downloading apps from Android market other than Google Play Store. It’s very simple to sideload Android apps from other Android market sites. Lets see the process with screenshots. Steps showing sideloading Android Apps Step -1 Go to Settings option. You can browse it from your Apps location. Step -2  When [...]